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Interpretation of the high standards of the ladder industry

Interpretation of the high standards of the ladder industry

2020/05/07 16:16
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American Naina is the world's most famous comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass and aluminum alloy climbing products. As a leader in the field of climbing equipment manufacturing and a manufacturer of industry standards, Naina insists on providing customers with the most professional and safest Climbing equipment, its products meet or exceed the relevant standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the requirements of the American Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations (OSHA), which is currently the highest standard in the global ladder industry.
Compared with the current seven international safety ladder implementation standards, the American ANSI standard (American National Standards Institute), as a mandatory industry standard in the United States, is one of the most stringent implementation standards recognized by the global industry. The analysis shows that there are detailed differences between the current US ANSI and Chinese GB standards (China National Standards). As a master of safety ladder manufacturing, Wennai is the ANSI standard modifier and loyal executor. Every product of Wannai meets or exceeds the American ANSI specifications. At the same time, it is worth noting that when carrying out load tests, ANSI conducts various safety tests according to 34 times the actual load to ensure the high safety of each ladder and ensure foolproof. In China, because GB is only a reference standard, that is, the current ladder products produced by Chinese ladder manufacturers only need to refer to this standard, not mandatory. Therefore, in the actual consumer market, quite a few brand products have yet to pass the GB test. Various indicators are in the form. It is difficult to ensure product safety performance and frequent safety hazards. This is an unavoidable status quo.
OSHA standards, the American Occupational Safety and Health Management Regulations, are occupational safety and health standards implemented within the jurisdiction of the United States. They have a rich safety and health cultural content and rigorous safety management philosophy. Its purpose is to make the operator safer, more efficient and healthier when using tools.
Compared the stability of all products that meet the requirements of OSHA regulations, the specifications of the Chinese ladder industry in this field need to be improved. Obviously, only effective protection based on the personal safety of users can be truly recognized and accepted by consumers, which is also one of the absolute advantages of stable competition in the consumer market.
Taking the double-sided ladder T6206CN (rated load 136KG) as an example, we tested from six aspects: pressure test, pedal bending test, ladder frame bending test, torsional stability test, lateral tension test, and sliding test, and the rated load was applied for 60 seconds. Afterwards, Wenai Safety Ladder can fully meet the standard, ensuring absolute safety from the quality point of view.
Strict implementation and surpassing the highest standards have always been the bottom line of Wennai. Since entering the Chinese market for three years, relying on the company's professional advantages and experience accumulation in the field of safety ladders for nearly 100 years, Wennai brings high quality to the Chinese market At the same time as safety ladder products, it has also caused a wave of new waves of safety ladders and safety ladders in the entire industry, and the highest current standards implemented by Wenai are the best for safety. Interpretation.

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Interpretation of the high standards of the ladder industry